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'Khoj - Search for Innovation'

Start Date: 04-03-2018
End Date: 08-04-2018

Thank you for your overwhelming response for this competition! ...

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Thank you for your overwhelming response for this competition!
Your applications are under processing. The result shall be published between 15th May to 20th May, 2018.

Innovation is both, the trend and the need of the hour and Maharashtra is making tremendous efforts to encourage and promote innovation for progress in every field.
Numerous local innovations at grassroots level are emerging all around us, some of which hold the power to change the face of a problem if replicated across the region with the collective effort of the citizens and the administration. The district collector of Chandrapur, Mr. Ashutosh Salil identified this unparalleled opportunity to tap local innovations that address larger problems, and ‘Khoj’ (खोज) was born.

‘Khoj’ (खोज) is a one of its kind initiative undertaken by the office of the district collector, Chandrapur to identify and reward innovative ideas to be replicated across the district. It is a competition that gives the citizens of Chandrapur a chance to propose solutions to the pressing problems in the district and rewards existing innovative solutions. ‘Khoj’ (खोज) provides a platform to the people outside Chandrapur as well to participate with their ideas for the local problems within Chandrapur.

It is a two round competition:
• Round 1: Idea submission
• Round 2: Short presentation of the idea at the district headquarter

Solutions and innovations for the following categories are the focus of the competition.

1. Agriculture
Innovation with Small and Marginal Land Holdings: 69.3% of the farmers in Chandrapur are marginal landholders with 0-2 ha of land. We are looking for innovative practices that can help farmers improve the productivity with small landholdings. For Instance: Integrated Farming Practices: Agriculture can be complemented with Animal Husbandry, fisheries, poultry,etc.
Multicropping: The major crops here are Paddy, Cotton and Soybean.Most of the farmers undertake only single crop every year (Kharif) and is one of the primary reasons behind low farm income. We seek your ideas for multi-cropping.
Vegetables & Fruits Production : We would need ideas to encourage cultivation of fruits and vegetables which is cropped in less than 1%of the total gross cropped area in Chandrapur district.
Decreasing cost of cultivation: The cost of cultivation for the farm produce is quite high. For instance:Cultivation cost for 1 quintal of cotton is around Rs. 3000 and the market price for the harvest is around Rs. 4500.
We are looking for your ideas in reducing this cost through the following:
o Exploring Micro Irrigation
o Introducing Mechanization
o Moving away from fertilizers and Insecticides

2. Livelihood development
Chandrapur although blessed with immense mineral and forest resources, struggles with the provision of appropriate livelihood to the masses.We look forward to your ideas in the following areas:
Increasing dairy farming: Chandrapur has a milk deficit of over 16000 litres ensuring a ready market for milk production. How do we increase the dairy farming in Chandrapur?
Poultry & Goatery farming:Encouraging poultry and goat farming will increase income for farmers.Tell us your ideas or your work on encouraging small scale, sustainable practices in this area.
Value Addition through processing:There is ample scope to boost the value of the farm and forest produce by converting the raw produce to finished products. This includes processing, packaging and marketing the produce.For instance: Cotton, Dal ginning mills, Bamboo products.

3. Tourism Development
Chandrapur is known for its Tadoba-Andhari forest reserve. However apart from Tadoba there is tremendous potential that calls for exploring other avenues.
Exploring EcoTourism: Chandrapur is full of beautiful forests. There is immense potential for ecotourism here. What should the government do to promote it?
Increasing employment through Tourism: Suggest us ways in which the local youth and communities can engage in tourism based employment opportunities.
Branding Chandrapur: Chandrapur attracts tourists from all over who come to visit the Tadoba Forest Reserve. Add to that there are magnificent heritage places depicting the architecture of Gonds, Bhonsalas. However, Chandrapur has not been able to brand itself as an abode of such breathtaking diversity. We need your ideas as to how we can brand Chandrapur in this regard.
Improving Tourist Experience:There is a lot to be done to make the tourist experience seamless.This includes connectivity, food, sightseeing, accommodation & amenities, guide management etc. Suggest us ways in which we can make the tourist experience seamless and thus boost tourism.

4. Process Innovation in Governance
The government often has long winding processes involving multiple agencies and this leaves for ample scope for improvement. These processes largely have little technology involvement in them. This includes technology to improve accountability, transparency, improved data management. We seek ideas in the following areas:
Better outreach for government schemes: Time and again it is observed that the government falls short in communicating its various schemes and programs to the citizens. How do we improve that?
Grievance Redressal in Governance: The citizens often face a lot of issues when trying to raise concern about the problems they face with the state. Keeping in mind Chandrapur has a citizen grievance redressal system “Hello Chanda”, please provide us your suggestions on how we can improve it or suggest alternatives which you think might work.
Administrative Culture: The workplace culture is the key to the effectiveness of an institution. How do we increase employee engagement and introduce a recognition system to encourage employees to deliver better?

Each category consists of the below mentioned two types of ideas:
1.Implemented Ideas: Participant(s) who have successfully implemented their ideas
2.Fresh Ideas: Participant(s) who have fresh ideas that are not yet implemented

In every category both the types would have a winner and a runner up each

The winners and the runners up would be awarded a cash prize, a memento and a certificate each. Cash Prizes are as follows:
o Winner - ₹10,000
o Runner Up - ₹5000

Last date to submit ideas: 31st March 2018

Click here to read the complete process of the 'Khoj-Search for Innovation'.

Offline Submission: Download the offline form and send across the filled form to us by post at:
Chief Minister's Fellows Section,
Collector Office Chandrapur - 442401

Online Submission: Please fill the below form to submit your idea.

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